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Miracullum Spa Award in Spa Category

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While winter weather conditions are partly responsible for seasonal dry skin, it is hot, dry indoor heating that is really to blame. When we turn up the heat, we dry out the air, which, in turn, dehydrates our skin.
Start by using products that target evaporation and trap moisture in the skin. Dry Skin Moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and protected without clogging pores and is able to resist vaporization.
In addition to skin care solutions, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid skin dehydration. Drinking more water and using a humidifier can help. Also, avoid fabrics like polyester that have the potential to irritate, opting instead for breathable, skin-friendly cotton.
Skin cells have greater difficulty shedding in the cooler months than in the warmer ones; they build up faster and keep surface moisture from reaching the fresh, new cells below. As those cells become dehydrated and dry up, the skin starts to crack and flake.
By exfoliating, you remove that top layer of dead skin and allow hydrating ingredients in.
An exfoliating mask like AHA Mint Mask is perfect for the winter.
Dry skin can receive many exfoliating treatments and peels. For most people, winter is the perfect time to peel because there is less sun exposure. When considering a peel for dry skin, keep in mind that dehydration can make peels penetrate deeper.
We offer a variety of peels like Benefit Peel (Vit C Peel), Jessner Peel or medical Vi Peel. Ask your esthetician for advice.


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