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Miracullum Spa on Yelp

Miracullum Spa Award in Spa Category

Miracullum Spa Award in Spa Category

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Miracullum Spa

Miracullum Spa

The human body does not produce Vitamin C, a cofactor for an enzyme crucial in synthesis of collagen for our skin. We must obtain it from our diet, supplements, and topical products. Our skin is vulnerable to Vitamin C deficiency because it is utilized first for other bodily functions, and very little is actually transported to the skin through the capillaries. When you pick at your acne, the skin over produces melanocytes that leave behind those pesky acne marks.
Pure C Mixing Crystal’s miracle ingredient is 100% ascorbic acid (a form of Vitamin C), that effectively works to fade away post acne discoloration, sun spots, and age spots.*
 It can be mixed with toners, cleansers, and moisturizers. Mixing with a moisturizer is recommended for sensitive skin.
Within a few days of use, all age spots, sun spots, and acne marks will be less noticeable and skin will be soft and have a more even skin tone.*

Come in to our spa today to pick up your jar of Pure C Mixing Crystals and get 10% off!
Or call us at (925)943-6146 to place an order with FREE shipping! (offer valid this week only 09/19-09/24)

*Results will vary.
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