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Miracullum Spa on Yelp

Miracullum Spa Award in Spa Category

Miracullum Spa Award in Spa Category

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Miracullum Spa

Miracullum Spa

Toners are an essential element for skincare that many people overlook. After you wash your face with a cleanser, a toner should be applied to get rid of any extra oils and traces of dirt.
Cleansers tend to remove a protective lipid coat of the skin but toners build back up that protective coat and help restore the skin’s proper pH balance.
Acne prone skin obtains the most benefit as toners work to reduce pore size and refresh the skin. Toner should be applied immediately after cleansing the face every morning and night, followed by a serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen.
You will notice a significant change in your skin after applying toner as it will be much more hydrated and better prepared for the penetration of other products in your skincare regimen.
Ask your esthetician which toner is best for your skin.

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